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Там же есть ссылка на его диссертацию с частичным переводом:
on Academia.edu: https://www.academia.edu/7818905/Clear_Meaning_Studies_on_a_Thirteenth_Century_rDzogs-chen_Text


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March 29, 2019
Creative Arts, Music & Film
I am very excited to be translating Clear Meaning, the Root Tantra of the Yangti. This book was revealed by Garab Dorje, who taught it to Manjusri Mitra, who taught it to Sri Singha, who taught it to Padmasambhava. Padmasambhava brought it to Tibet in the Eighth Century of our era, and hid the core text. It was recovered by Guru Chowang (1212-1270) who released it into the modern world. The book is a Treasure (Terma). I started work on this book in 1986, and made a very rough translation of it at that time. In 1987 I toured Canada with Kenpo Pelden Sherab and Kenpo Tsewang Dongyal. During the long drives between cities I sat in the back seat with Kenpo Pelden Sherab, and we went over this book carefully, as I had already outlined many questions from my translation work. My early translation was lost, but I still have many notes from my talks with Palden Sherab. I also wrote my M.A. Thesis as a study of this book. This thesis has been read by many, as it is available on Academia.edu (https://www.academia.edu/7818905/Clear_Meaning_Studies_on_a_Thirteenth_Century_rDzogs-chen_Text).

Over the past thirty years I have had many opportunities to reflect on the contents of Clear Meaning. The many translations I have done over the past few years help to make Clear Meaning very clear to me, and it is a joy to translate this book for you. This is the largest book I have worked on, with about 300 pages in the Tibetan. I estimate that the English book will have about 700 pages. Clear Meaning has a hundred and twenty three chapters, each with an amazing teaching. There are many upadesha instructions that are beautiful, insightful, and useful. I will post small segments of the Tantra as this fund-raising drive continues.

You have an opportunity to be a part of this important translation. Your support goes directly into the basic necessities for survival while I do this translation and get it out to you. I could not do these translations if it were not for the sake of your support. Please help if you can.

I am offering gifts to major supporters. Those who contribute $108 will receive a copy of the book. Those who contribute $500 will receive a copy of the book and be remembered in the Acknowledgements. Those who contribute $1008 will receive three copies of the book and be remembered in the Acknowledgements. All gifts will be warmly received, so contribute what you can.

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