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Kunzang Nyima Empowerments

at Tashi Choling, the retreat center in Ashland, Oregon.

In the afternoon, registration will begin at 1:00 p.m.
Please arrive to register as early as possible!
The empowerments will begin at 3o p.m. (first day ONLY)

Starting on Wednesday, April 2nd:
The empowerments will begin at 1:00 p.m. each day.The length of the empowerments will vary.

The Day by Day Schedule of Kunzang Nyima Empowerments:
Please bear in mind that this is a preliminary schedule and subject to change.

Day 1) Guru Pedma Gyalpo empowerment Tagön (preliminary rituals)
Day 2) Guru Pedma Gyalpo empowerment; Tangtong Gyalpo empowerment; Tangtong Gyalpö Tsewang (Tangtong Gyalpo long life empowerment); Men La'i Je Nang (Blessing Transmission of the Medicine Guru); Zab Tig Men Wang (Empowerment for the Profound Essence of Medicine)
Day 3) Rigdü (Rigdzin Düpa); Rigdü Kyi Wang; Dorje Drolö
Day 4) Orgyen Terjung Gyalpo; Norlha'i Wang (Wealth Deity Empowerment); Damchö Droltig
Day 5) Ta Khyung (Hayagriva and Garuda); Ta Khyung Gi Wangdü
Day 6) Tamdrin Marpo (Red Hayagriva); Takar Tse Wang (White Hayagriva long life empowerment)
Day 7) Tanag (Black Hayagriva); Kagyed (8 herukas); Purnag Gi Tagön (Black Kilaya preliminary rituals)
Day 8) Purnag Gi Wang (Black Kilaya); Guru Dragpo (Wrathful Guru); Nagaraksha; Drag Trö Kor Sum
Day 9) Dorje Tsugtor (Vajra Crown Protrusion--for dispelling obstacles); Khyung Nag (Black Garuda)

Day 10) Tukchen Pedkar (White Lotus Avalokiteshvara/ Chenrezig); Tukchen Pedkar Wangdü; Sangye Tong Wang (1000 Buddha Empowerment)
Day 11) Dorsem (Vajrasattva); Mitrukpa (Akshobya); Tukchen Tak Drol (Avalokiteshvara's Liberation upon Wearing)
Day 12) Drolma Marmo (Red Tara); Drolkar (White Tara)
Day 13) Pagmo (Dorje Pagmo; Vajravarahi); Khandrö Sang Wang (The Secret Empowerment of the Dakini); Yangchenma'i Je Nang (Blessing Transmission of Sarasvati); Lha Wang Yeshe Nyima (The Deity Empowerment of Yeshe Nyima); Sengdongma (Singhamukha, the Lion-Faced Dakini)
Day 14) Guru Khyung Zhön (The Guru Riding a Garuda); Gesar; Dzamkar (White Dzambala/ wealth deity);

Day 15)Bimala (Vimalamitra); Garab Dorje


T a s h i C h ö l i n g
C e n t e r f o r B u d d h i s t S t u d i e s
2001 Colestin Road, Ashland Oregon
Please Join Us For a Rare Event

Tulku Theglo Rinpoche
Will bestow Kunzang Nyima Emporwements
April 1 - 15, 2008
beginning at 1:00pm daily
Rinpoche will bestow the complete cycle of empowerments from
the 27 volumes of collected termas of Kunzang Nyima. Samdrup
Rinpoche will be assisting Theglo Rinpoche.

Cost: Individuals $ 450.00/Families $ 750.00 /$35.00 Daily

Brief Bio: Tulku Theglo Rinpoche, also known as Padma Theg Chog Tanpa'i Gyaltsan was recognized by Jamyang Khentse Chokyi Lodru as the incarnation of his second son, Padma Dorje. Tulku Theglo was enthroned when he was five years old and at age ten entered Dodrubchen Monastery in Golog and began his formal studies. He studied under four great Khenpos such as Khenpo Gangnam, Thrindar, Wangdei Gyangtrul Dondrub Dorje and Washul Khenpo Lodru. Rinpoche received empowerments from Dzongsar Khentsei Jamyang Chokyi Lodru, Dzogchen Rinpoche Jigdral Changchub Dorje, Shechen Kongtrul Rinpoche Padma Lekpai Lodru and Dodrubchen Tubten Thrinley Palzangpo, Dodrubchen Rigdzin Tenpai Gyaltsen also known as Rigdzin Jalu Dorje, Dungkar Chogtrul Ngedon Gyatso and others. The empowerments received from them included the Rinchen Terdzod, the thirteen sadhanas of the Kama lineage, the Nyingthig Yabzhi, the Nyingthig Tsapod, the Dupa Do, the eighteen divisions on the meaning of Ah from the mind class, the Vajra Bridge of the expanse class, the Damcho, Dechen lamchog, the three aspects of Kagyad, the Sakya'i kunrig, the generation and completion stage of liberation through hearing, including all the reading transmissions.
For information about accommodations call Barbara Caselli at (541) 482-4064

Информация взята из обсуждения на этом форуме:

Там же можно найти обсуждение данного цикла, отдельных инициаций и
дэватов с ними связанных.

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With Chaphur Rinpoche

February 22nd 9 AM – 10 AM PST

In the Bon tradition the Red Garuda is deeply revered as an enlightened Yidam who enables us to rise above obstacles and obscurations. The Red Garuda meditation and practice is a potent spiritual medicine that overcomes illness and restores a healing balance for all beings. The enlightened Red Garuda Yidam emanates in the forms of each of the 5 elements. The Red Garuda, associated with the fire element, brings protection and positive transformation to all beings.

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Mantra, Dharani and Sutra Chanting
Every Tuesday at 7pm-8pm

Dharani literature has existed for over two millennia in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. Typically used to prevent misfortune, remove obstacles, heal, and protect, Dharanis are also used in life cycle rituals and other practices. Dharani is widespread in the world and especially with Nepalese Buddhist practitioners. Dharani to keep alive we are going to practice every Tuesday at 7pm, please come and join.
it is free

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Heart Essence of Dakinis



The Bonpo teachings are deep like the ocean, particularly Dzogchen teachings. Many students of Bon are familiar with Dzogchen teachings from male lineage holders and may not be aware of the many female Dzogchen practitioners who have achieved enlightenment. These female enlightened beings are known as Dakini or Khandro. The Dakinis are real-life, female practitioners who have achieved realization of the Mature of Mind through Dzogchen practice here on earth. Dakini or Khandro lineage teachings are rarely taught in the west.

Therefore, Chaphur Rinpoche will offer instruction on the Heart Essence of the Thirty Signs and Meanings of the Female Lineage, The Mogyud ( Female lineage), from the Cycle of Essential Instructions of the Male and Female Lineages from the Bonpo Dzogchen teachings.

During this teaching, Rinpoche will give specific instructions on how the Dakinis or Khandros practiced and achieved realization of the nature of mind. Rinpoche will teach individual Dzogchen view, meditation, conduction and result (fruit). In addition, Rinpoche will also give instructions on the heart essence of the Khandro Dzogchen lineage practices and realization songs, originating all the way back to Gyalwa Kuntu Zangpo.

This retreat is open to students that have any level of familiarity with the Bön teachings. All are warmly invited to attend and to savor the experience of Tsa Lung and Tummo practice with the support of sangha. Please click HERE to register for in person and for Zoom. Lunch will be provided.




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Susan Pottish is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Daniel P. Brown.

Only recently did Dan send out an email letting us all know that he has Parkinson’s disease. Even though his symptoms were showing in his gait and posture and facial expression for a few years, it took all that time to know for sure because there is no definitive test for it. And it turns out that he also has Lyme disease and extremely high levels of heavy metals in his blood. Then, in addition to all that, there are the side effects now manifesting daily from the medication Dan takes for the Parkinson’s, including almost constant pain that he characterized as feeling like muscles are being “stripped from the bones.”

He wrote, “Now at the age of 71, I can't call myself the 'energizer bunny' anymore.” That’s a rather small, if humorous, image for depicting the truly extraordinary level of energy and dedication he has demonstrated for the cause of others for decades. Personally, I think the image of an 18-wheeler roaring across highways is a bit more apt. If you’d like to get a more complete view of Dan’s work over a lifetime, please click the link at the end of this page.


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