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The Early Use of Nakṣatras

Harry Falk

The use of the naksatras is traced to one simple purpose: defining the day of delivery. The Rgvedic method implied a survey of the 10 sidereal months at 27 days or the 9 sāvana months of 30 days. The start of counting is checked against the sky, and rather precise, particularly when the conception happens 3 days after the marriage as ruled out in the Gṛhyasūtras. In whole numbers any of three computations (10×27, 9×30, 267+3) leads to a result of 270 days. The nakṣatra's deity is regarded as a secret one in early Vedic times and used profusely in later times. Unfortunately, this random circle of memory stars was later used for astronomic purposes for measuring out the orbit, where it had to become the source of confusion and the object of remedy operations of various sorts.

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Astrological Determinism in Indian Buddhism

Jeffrey Kotyk


This study surveys the presence of astrological determinism (i.e., the belief that celestial bodies influence or signal fated developments) within Indian Buddhism, from early literature until late-Tantra, in which passive belief in astrology is more often expected than rejected. It is argued that a tradition of ‘Buddhist astrology’ did, in fact, exist with a clear evolution over time. This demonstrates that many Buddhists were comfortable with astrology alongside a belief in karma. The increasing incorporation of astrological elements into Buddhist texts also reflects the growing appreciation of astrology in Indian culture over the course of the first millennium CE.



Early Buddhism and Astrology

Astrology in the Vinaya

Astrology in Sūtra Literature

The Status of Astrology in India

Astrology in Buddhist Tantra


Secondary Sources

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